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Mythal Theory was a book of arcane research on the topic of mythals from the Hand of the Seldarine before the stronghold's fall centuries before 1281 DR.[1]


At the time of being penned by Schend and Melka, Mythal Theory claimed that none, apart from the High Mages, knew of the true nature nor origins of mythals. Even scholars well-versed in elven lore or research on the topic circa 900 DR knew little. Many scholars came to a consensus that mythals were living beings of magic, webs of magical forces, weaved together using the creators' own life-forces. It was believed that, once created, mythals were sustained by natural mechanisms of the magics within and nature outside, like the moving winds, or flowing waters in creeks, and even the temperature change in the sun's rays. This connection to the casters' life and to nature put mythals far beyond mundane magics, making them intricately connected to the Weave, the source of all magic on the world of Toril.[1]


Mythal Theory was written and printed sometime between the citadel's construction circa 900 DR and its fall in the Battle of Seldarine's Hand. By 1281 DR, the citadel was ruined and inhabited by ghostly apparitions of its former inhabitants. One copy could be found in the citadel's library curated by Custhantos, along with other rare books. That copy eventually found its way into the hands of Orrick the Gray, who researched mythals in his tower just on the edge of Kuldahar on the Spine of the World.[1]



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