Mythrellan was the zulkir of Illusion and one of the eight leaders of the Red Wizards of Thay during the 14th century DR. She lived in the Serpent Tower,[3] within the city of Bezantur in Priador. She was known to have only mindless servants.[1]


Mythrellan changed her appearance as often as other noblewomen change their gowns. At times she had golden eyes and sky blue skin,[4] while at others she patterned her body in brown and tan diamonds that resembled the skin of a snake.[5]


She preferred isolation and devoted most of her time to study.[1] Mythrellan despised her peers who sat on the Council of Zulkirs.[4]


Some time before 1320 DR, Mythrellan took the young man Lailomum Zerad as an apprentice.[6]

Sometime before 1362 DR Rembert Wellford apprenticed under her.[7]

Mythrellan served as zulkir of illusion for many years, even assuming the title before the birth of Zulkir Aznar Thrul.[8]

Mythrellan died some time between 1372 and 1375 DR, presumably by the zulkir-lich Szass Tam, and was replaced as zulkir by Dmitra Flass.[2][9]



  1. The Spellbound campaign guide refers to Mythrellan as "Mythrell'aa" and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition as "Mythrellaa"


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