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Captain N'ghathrod was a mind flayer space pirate and the captain of the spelljammer Scavenger.[1]


N'ghathrod had a wooden peg replacing its left foot, which it had lost in battle. It wore pirate clothes and carried a rapier that it did not know how to use, for stylistic reasons.[1]


A seasoned pirate, N'ghathrod was patient and strategic. If in an unfavorable situation, it waited until the best moment to act.[1]


N'ghathrod was an arcanist with access to a number of spells. While onboard the Scavenger, it could create psionic illusions and images from the Far Realm that could disorient the minds of its opponents.[1]


The mind flayer had among its possessions the four control gems for the gray slaadi in its crew.[1] It also kept in the Scavenger's stateroom several art pieces and depictions of the planets it had visited. N'ghathrod's spellbook was written in Qualith.[3]


Before it was turned into a mind flayer via ceremorphosis, N'ghathrod was a spacefaring elf. Although it had no memories of its past, it retained some of the elven sense of beauty.[3] Before becoming a pirate, N'ghathrod lived in an illithid colony on the planet Glyth.[1]

Sometime in the late 15th century DR, while orbiting Toril, N'ghathrod's ship was captured by Halaster Blackcloak and transported to the Caverns of Ooze in the depths of Undermountain. Halaster stole the ship's spelljamming helm and left the marooned crew and the derelict ship to rot away. After some time, the illithid had to resort to eating the brains of its crew in order to survive. After it killed four of the orogs in the crew, the remaining orogs escaped. N'ghathrod then proceeded to wait in its lair for the appearance of other food sources.[1]




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