Na (pronounced: /ˈnɑːNAH[2]) was a human prince of the fallen kingdom of Omu in Chult who lived during the late 15th century DR. Along with his sister Mwaxanaré, he came to live with the aarakocra in the cliffside sanctuary Kir Sabal.[1]


Na was scholarly and polite. He preferred to spend his time studying insects and creating intricate, lightweight flying devices.[3]

He took a liking to the aarakocra and pretended he was one of their kind.[3]


Na owned an aarakocra suit that he fashioned himself.[3]


Na was the son of Razaan and Omek, as well as the sister of Princess Mwaxanaré. He was a descendant of Napaka, the last queen of Omu, and Zalkoré, the former queen who was tranformed into a medusa.[1]



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