Nabassus were aggressive demons that were eternally hungry for souls.[2]


A nabassu's very presence darkened the environment around it. These demons were capable of draining a living creature's life force by merely staring at it, and could devour the soul of any creature within an hour of slaying it. A devoured soul could only be restored by a wish spell.[2]


Nabassus were considered outcasts by other demons, who considered the act of devouring souls abhorrent. They made an active effort to be summoned by mortals, so they might feast on the summoner's soul or trade their cooperation for a steady supply of souls.[2]


A nabassu was born spontaneously from the Abyss or as the result of a mane that ascended. Upon birth, the juvenile nabassu would use plane shift to travel to the Material Plane. There, it sought out rural areas to live in, commonly abandoned cemeteries. Once on the Material Plane, the demon would spread fear and feed on humanoids. Upon reaching maturity, it returned to the Abyss. There it would either build a fortress for itself, or enter into the service of Orcus.[5]



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