Naergoth Bladelord was one of the Wearers of Purple in the Cult of the Dragon. He was the warrior lord of the cult and the leader of the ruling council. He usually resided in Saerloon.[2]

He was one of the leaders that ordered the hunt for Shandril Shessair in 1357 DR.[5]

By 1479 DR, Naergoth had become a death knight and the co-ruler of the Well of Dragons.[1]

During the Tyranny of Dragons, he was the sole commander of the Well of the Dragon and the oldest living member of the Cult. Although he did not like the new direction of the Cult under Severin Silrajin, he served loyally.[3]


Canon ConflictEdit

In 4th edition sourcebook was called a death knights, but in Rise of Tiamat adventure was clearly stated as wight.


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