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House Naerhand was a merchant house operating from the Sword Coast to the western Sea of Fallen Stars as of 1479 DR. Although the clan was fabulously wealthy, they avoided joining the ranks of nobles, preferring to work behind the scenes. The family dominated the harness making trade and controlled key rest stops and watering holes along trade routes. The family owned hundreds of properties in Suzail, Athkatla, Saerloon and Waterdeep and placed spies within many noble families in Waterdeep and Cormyr. The Naerhand's were known for avenging any wrongs done to the family although they often used indirect means to achieve vengeance.[1]


The clan was always led by a matriarch. As of 1479 DR, Janszeene Naerhand was the acting matriarch although her mother, Velarra still took an active hand in management of the family's business.[1]

Notable Members[]

  • Dhankosk Naerhand - Janszeene's brother, money lender and family elder
  • Ilnur Naerhand - Swindler and brigand
  • Janszeene Naerhand - Family matriarch
  • Malarrla Naerhand - Janszeene's sister and family elder. Considered too nasty to ever become matriarch.
  • Ozrin Naerhand - Grizzled old adventurer
  • Pelrar Naerhand - Janszeene's brother and master forger, engraver and artist
  • Sarvin Naerhand - Sneakthief
  • Taerult Naerhand - Janszeene's brother, moneylender and family elder
  • Velarra Naerhand - Former matriarch



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