Nagas (pronounced: /ˈnɑːgɑːzNA-gaz[2]) were a race of intelligent snake-like immortals with widely differing abilities and alignments.[citation needed]


They resembled giant snakes, some with humanoid heads and some with more snake-like heads, both of which had a certain amount of spellcasting power.[citation needed]
Bone naga

A bone naga.


They were known to eat the flesh of humans, orcs, and other races.[citation needed]


Nagas were created, along with yuan-ti, by the reptilian Creator Race, the sarrukh.[citation needed]


Most nagas worshiped the naga creator goddess Shekinester and her son Parrafaire, except for dark nagas, who venerated Sess'innek.[citation needed]


Lesser kiira, or "lore gems", were commonly created and used by nagas.[3]

Types of NagaEdit

Spirit naga

A spirit naga.

Bone naga
A unique type of undead naga.
Banelar naga
Lawful evil nagas that were named after their alliance with the priests of Bane.
Bright naga
These chaotic evil naga could mock sorcerous spellcasting.
Celestial naga
These good snakes were pure gold, and had frills.
Dark naga
Lawful evil nagas who worshiped Sess'innek.
Guardian naga
Lawful good nagas.
Colossal and powerful naga lords.
Spirit naga
These evil creatures reeked of death, and they were purple and black striped.
Water naga
Neutral, animal-like water snakes.
Iridescent naga
Chaotic good, sun-reflecting naga.
Neutral, swimming nagas with multiple heads resembling a hydra.
Primordial naga[citation needed]





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