Nagas (pronounced: /ˈnɑːgɑːzNA-gaz[4]) were a race of intelligent snake-like immortals with widely differing abilities and alignments.[citation needed]

Description[edit | edit source]

Nagas resembled giant snakes with heads that bore a humanoid resemblance. They typically ranged from 10​ to ​20 feet (3​ to ​6.1 meters) in length and weighed around 200‒500 lb (91‒230 kg). Though some were known to be over a 100 feet (30 meters) in length.[5]

Biology[edit | edit source]

Though nagas and their deities were perceived as having distinct sexes, they were an entirely hermaphrodite species. A naga could reproduce by copulating with another member of their subrace or simply by impregnating itself. No method was preferred over the other and the choice of method came down to convenience or personal preference.[6]

Much like most snake and reptile species, nagas were known to dislike cold climates.[5]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Nagas were known to have a natural affinity for spellcasting,[7] being born with an inherent understanding of the art of magic.[5]

History[edit | edit source]

Nagas were created by the sarrukh in the early days of Mhairshaulk as a servitor race. They were created by magically interbreeding powerful serpents with the natural intelligence and inquisitiveness of humans. In their capacity as servitors they served the sarrukh as guards, researchers of magic, and explorers of uncharted lands.[8]

The first nagas to be created were water nagas, who were bred for the purpose of exploring the vast lands and oceans of Abeir-Toril.[8] Over time, the nagas helped the sarrukh to establish the foundations of magic in the kingdoms of Mhairshaulk, Isstosseffifi, Okoth.[7]

A bone naga.

Sub-Races of Naga[edit | edit source]

A spirit naga.

Bone naga
A unique type of undead naga.
Banelar naga
Lawful evil nagas that were named after their alliance with the priests of Bane.
Bright naga
These chaotic evil naga could mock sorcerous spellcasting.
Celestial naga
These good snakes were pure gold, and had frills.
Dark naga
Lawful evil nagas who worshiped Sess'innek.
Guardian naga
Lawful good nagas.
Colossal and powerful naga lords.
Spirit naga
These evil creatures reeked of death, and they were purple and black striped.
Water naga
Neutral, animal-like water snakes.
Iridescent naga
Chaotic good, sun-reflecting naga.
Neutral, swimming nagas with multiple heads resembling a hydra.
Primordial naga[9]

Society[edit | edit source]

Because of the flexibility their species had in regards to reproduction, the concept of mates held far less importance among nagas compared to other creatures.[6]

Diet[edit | edit source]

They were known to eat the flesh of humans, orcs, and other races.[citation needed]

Religion[edit | edit source]

Prior to his fragmentation, all nagas worshiped the World Serpent. Some theologians speculate that their curiosity and questioning over his many facets is what led to him fragmenting.[7]

Following the World Serpent's fragmentation and the fall of Mhairshaulk most nagas worshiped Shekinester, a lesser goddess that fragmented from him, and her son Parrafaire.[7] Dark nagas were known to venerate Sess'innek.[citation needed] Banelar nagas were known to worship either Bane or Cyric.[10]

Magic[edit | edit source]

Lesser kiira, or "lore gems", were commonly created and used by nagas.[7]

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