Nagoya Hatano was the head of the Nagoya clan in Nakamaru in Wa around 1357 DR.[1]


Hatano withdrew into his family to avoid people's suspicions about his heritage.[1]

Foreseeing troubles in the land, Hatano sought only to maintain his family's existing prosperity through a policy of careful neutrality.[2]


Hatano was born to a minor samurai in the service of Lord Toragi and a beautiful spirit folk of the woods. They wed under mysterious circumstances, and Hatano was born but soon after, just as mysteriously, his mother disappeared.[1]

Hatano knew nothing about the illicit romance between his son Nagoya Kenko and Sumi-ko but, if he discovered it, the young Kenko would be in deep trouble.[3]


Hatano knew people were suspicious about his heritage. He was a bitter, tight-lipped, and sullen man.[1]



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