Nagoya Kenko was the heir of Nagoya clan in Nakamaru in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Kenko usually spent more than he could afford on clothes. He was fascinated by mirrors, but only because he could see his reflection in them.[1]


At a moon-viewing party, Kenko met the young Sumi-ko, daughter of Funada Toyoo. She fell in love with Kenko and they soon started an illicit romance. However, Funada Genzo discovered the affair and, in order to protect his half-sister, payed a visit to Kenko and threatened him, but this only made Kenko angry.[2]


Kenko was a spoiled child who grew to became a pompous and openly disrespectful individual. He secretly resented his father for his bamboo spirit folk heritage, but still exploited his father's love. He was a total cad[1] who did not truly love Sumi-ko, only that his vanity was pleased by her attention.[2]



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