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The Naican were a tribe of nomadic humans living in the Hordelands.[1]


The Naican lived in the southwestern region of the Endless Waste. Their territory bordered the lands of the Commani, Tuigan, and Dalat tribes.[2]


The Naican spoke their own language, which was influenced by the Raumatharan Empire and the language of Muhjuri.[3]

The Naican were friendly with the Commani, Zamogedi, and Tuigan tribes, and opposed to the Oigur and the Dalat. The Naican sometimes raided with the Commani to the south in Semphar.[4]


Before the rise of the Tuigan to dominance, there were many marriages between the the Naican and the Zamogedi, solidifying the friendship between these two people groups.[4]

For many ages, the Dalat had raided Naican territory, and the conflicts only grew worse over the years, resulting in blood feuds and nearly open warfare. This feud with the Dalat led to a feud with the Oigur, as that tribe would sometimes join with the Dalat in the raids.[4]

At one point in history, the Naican shared the same pasture lands as the Tuigan.[4] Thus, when Yamun Khahan came to power and formed his Grand Army of the Tuigan, the Naican quickly allied with him and were the first tribe of the Hordelands to do so.[5] He gave them great power as a tribe for his thanks.[4]