Najara, a large kingdom in the Western Heartlands, was inhabited by a wide variety of serpentfolk. It comprised parts of the High Moor, the Forest of Wyrms, and the Marsh of Chelimber, with the Serpent Hills existing in the center. It not functioning as a typical government, its status as a kingdom is a disputed subject.[1]


Before the Spellplague, the Marsh of Chelimber was one of many areas ruled by the Zhentarim. Due to the effects of this event, they lost control of some of these lands, and the marsh was taken over by Najara's naga, though lizardfolk, undead, and minotaurs still lived as the majority there.

The King of Snakes—the monarch ruling Najara—was Jarant, who had killed the previous king Ebarnaje in 1474 DR,[1] made Najara more relevant to Elturgard and Evereska due to the prior civil war. Due to more nations gaining knowledge of Najara, it became a subject of interest for its many ancient ruins, including some from the Netherese empire and the kingdom of Boareskyr.


The main deity of this land is Sseth, but with some yuan-ti becoming increasingly disappointed in him, they turned to the forbidden: worshiping Zehir.


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