Nala, formerly a member of Clan Yrjixtilex, was a dragonborn priestess of Tiamat[3] and Skuthosiin's lovak (head servant in the xorvintaal game),[4] who posed as a cleric of Bahamut in order to infiltrate and corrupt the Platinum Cadre. Due to her faith in a dragon god, Nala was a thrikominaki (clanless dragonborn).[1]


Nala had brown scales speckled with gold, and scars were she once wore her clan's piercings. Unlike most female dragonborn, Nala had a lithe body.[5]


Nala was able to breathe fire. Thanks to her connection with Tiamat, she was able to maker her breath more powerful and could use it more often than normal dragonborn.[1]


She was the lover of Patrin, the leader of the order.[6]


Due to her faith in a dragon god, Nala had been casted out of her clan.[1]

In 1479 DR, she was part of the group of members of the Platinum Cadre that went to the Black Ash Plain to exterminate as many ash giants as they could.[7]

Nala initiated new members of the order into the mysteries of Tiamat, all the while claiming that it was really Bahamut's power she was channeling.[3] She was doing this because she was working for the green dragon Skuthosiin, and her goal was to advance the plan of her master as a taaldarax of Brimstone's xorvintaal by using the Cadre to his benefit.[4] Because the dragonborn were unfamiliar with the gods of Toril, they did not realize Nala was calling on Tiamat's power rather than Bahamut's.[8]

The Platinum Cadre was part of Vanquisher Tarhun's joint military operation against the giants. Although Nala didn't wanted them to attack at the same time the other thymari military forces did it, because she was using magic to hinder the military effort,[9] Balasar was able to convince his "brothers-in-arms" to join the fray, to her annoyment.[10] Nala later joined forces with Balasar, Medrash and Patrin in order to save Tarhun's life.[11]

Suspicious of Nala, Balasar infiltrated the Platinum Cadre[1] and discovered she was a worshiper of Tiamat.[3] Nala fled to the Black Ash Plain when her secret was revealed and joined Skuthosiin's army.[12] She was killed by Balasar during the siege of Ashhold.[2]




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