Nalfeshnees (pronounced: /nɑːlˈfɛʃniznal-FESH-neez[4]), also known as Type IV demons, were a powerful type of demon. They were the judges of the Abyss.[2]


Nalfeshnees were 20 feet tall and weighed 8,000 lbs. They had small, feathered wings; despite their flimsy appearance, the wings enabled nalfeshnees to fly. Their bodies were "corpulent" and they stood on their back legs as a humanoid.[2]


Nalfeshnees acted as the servitors of the Abyss. In their minds, nalfeshnees saw themselves enacting the "justice of the universe" by bringing about the destruction of everything.[2]


Nalfeshnees were often disdainful of battle, but were unable to resist their blood lust. They were most fond of their smite ability, which dazed enemies and allowed the nalfeshnee to attack unhindered. Like other tanar'ri, they could summon fellow tanar'ri to aid them when needed.[2]

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