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Nalia de'Arnise was a young Amnian noblewoman and mage who lived during the mid-14th century DR. She considered herself a champion of the poor who fought against her own privilege to understand and help alleviate their plight.[1][2]


Nalia was of a particularly charitable bent. She was appalled at the unfairness of the class system in her country and others like it. Consequently she was very preoccupied with helping the needy, to the point of criticizing charity that was too small.[1]

She insisted that she did not "go slumming", and thought she was really in touch with the people she was trying to help, but she had some difficulty shaking off the feeling of superiority she was raised with, and was seen as well-intentioned but not so good as she thought she was.[1]


Nalia had learnt some rogue skills in the process of sneaking out of her home to help out those less well off. Her guardians did not much approve of this, particularly because her mother had died of an illness contracted during such charity, when Nalia was only two years old. Due to her training from a young age, Nalia was quite the skilled mage.[1]


Among her possessions was her family's signet ring, which offered her various protections.[1]


During her youth Nalia received a good education and was trained in the arcane arts, as was wished by her late mother. Nalia lived in her family castle with her father and aunt, Lady Delica Caan, following her mother's death. At some point she was arranged to be married to the nobleman Isaea Roenall, though she couldn't stand him and refused.[1]

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Arnise Hold was attacked by yuan-ti and the Rocksmash trolls led by TorGal. Working for a being known as "the Stronger", the forces were aided by the leader of the keep's guards, Glaicus, who had been charmed by magical means.[1]

Her father was abducted and unbeknownst to her at the time, killed during the attack. Nalia was left as a female heir with little chance to legally inherit the castle, save for her marriage to a nobleman or a temporary steward of martial prowess.[1]

Nalia sought out help in the Copper Coronet in Athkatla. She pleaded for help in freeing her family's castle from the control of the invaders. She recognized Gorion's Ward and their companions as adventurers and implored them to come to her family's aid.[1]



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