Nalia de'Arnise was a young Amnian noblewoman in the 1360s DR.[1][2]


She was of a particularly charitable bent. Nalia was appalled at the unfairness of the class system in her country and others like it, and consequently very preoccupied with helping the needy, to the point of criticizing charity that was too small. She insisted that she did not "go slumming", and thought she was really in touch with the people she was trying to help, but she had some difficulty shaking off the feeling of superiority she was raised with, and was seen as well-intentioned but not so good as she thought she was.[1]


She had learnt some rogue skills in the process of sneaking out of her home to help out those less well off, something her guardians did not much approve of, especially as her mother had died of an illness contracted during such charity. Besides of this, she was also a capable mage.[1]


Nalia lived in her family castle with her father and aunt until it was attacked by trolls and yuan-ti. Her father was killed during the attack, leaving her as a female heir with little chance to legally inherit the castle without finding someone suitably martially inclined to act as its new lord (or lady).[1]

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, she could be found in the Copper Coronet in Athkatla, pleading others to help her as she had helped them, looking for someone to help her defend her castle against an attack. She recognized Gorion's Ward's party as adventurers and would ask them for help, although she wouldn't reveal the attackers were trolls until after reaching the castle. When they arrived, the castle had been breached already, meaning that their new task was to retake it. Afterward, TorGal, the leader of the trolls, revealed that they were hired by someone else to attack the castle, but not who it was. Lord de'Arnise, Nalia's father, had been killed.[1]

If Gorion's Ward proved to be a talented fighter and was not otherwise entitled, Nalia would ask them to act as the new lord of the castle. Otherwise, it would fall to the Roenall family. That would not be enough for Isaea Roenall, though, who was supposed to marry Nalia but whom she couldn't stand. He latered kidnapped her from the party by quasi-legal means, and the only way to get her back was to dig up some of the abundant dirt there was to be dug up on him, proving his dishonesty in general. In any case, Nalia was willing to leave home to go adventuring with a decent party after her father had been killed.[1]





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