Naltecona was the last ruler of Nexal in 1361 DR. He was governed by superstition, as were most Nexalans, and the High Priest of Zaltec, Hoxitl, had a strong influence over his actions.[1]

He was the most brilliant general during the rule of his father Axalt. His nephew, Aztil, tried to convince him and his fellows to leave their posts, despite their excellence.[2]

When Naltecona heard of Cordell's victories over the Kultakans and Payits, he decided to meet Cordell's Golden Legion in the town of Palul. Rather than face the Legion in the field as had the Kultakans and Payits, he decided to lay an ambush for Cordell during a feast in his honor. Cordell learned of the ambush from his mage Darien and attacked the Nexalan warriors without warning. The resulting massacre nearly annihilated the Nexalan army and destroyed the town.[3]

Naltecona then welcomed Cordell into Nexal as an honored guest but Cordell took him prisoner inside his own palace. He was assassinated by Darien, an event that triggered the Night of Wailing.[3]


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