The Nameless Haunt was a legendary cat-man creature that inhabited and guarded the Pellamcopse Woods north of Waterdeep.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

The Nameless Haunt's body was shaped as a man, but he had huge black wings, a cat's head, and white sigils on his torso.[2] He retained at least some of the memories of his former selves, but was driven by a compulsion to protect the forest on behalf of the Blackstaff.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

The Nameless Haunt was formed by the Spellplague merging the tressym Nameless and the human Raegar Stoneblade. Nameless was the familiar of Tsarra Chaadren, a Blackstaff. Raergar was Tsarra's husband. The location where they were merged was on the eastern side of Mount Waterdeep. Their merging created a permanent cat's head mark on the cobblestones, which remained no matter how many times they were replaced.[3][4]

In 1479 DR, the companions (Renaer Neverember, Laraelra Harsard, Osco Salibuck, and Meloon Wardragon) of the Blackstaff's Heir, Vajra Safahr, were teleported to the Pellamcopse Woods and attacked by the Nameless Haunt until he recognized Osco as being a descendant of Pikar Salibuck (whom the tressym Nameless had known), and thus friends of the Blackstaff. The Nameless Haunt took the group back to his treetop lair where Vajra asked him to allow the companions to attempt to lift the axe Azuredge, one of the items the Nameless Haunt was protecting on behalf of the Blackstaff. Meloon alone was able to wield Azuredge and was allowed to keep the axe, releasing the Nameless of one of his duties.[5]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Nameless Haunt could cast spells. One of his signature moves was mirror image, which he used to intimidate and scare enemies.[2]

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