Nanthalor Greysword was a fighter and the High Lord of Loudwater.


In 1358 DR, Nanathlor had a gray beard and long flowing gray hair. He wore a bastard sword on his back.[1]


Originally from Nimbral, Nanthalor was the son of a displaced noble and left his home ca 1307 DR to found his own land in the savage North.[2][3]

In 1315 DR he was the newest recruit in a group of skilled mercenary hunters hired by Pasuuk Rensha, the lord of Delimbiyr Vale, to capture the horn of a unicorn. After weeks of searching, the group captured a unicorn and Nanathlor was ordered to strike the killing blow. Unable to kill such a magnificent beast, Nanathlor vowed to his comrades to protect it against anyone trying to despoil it and together with twelve of his fellow hunters he overthrew his captain. Upon doing so, the unicorn revealed itself as an exarch of Mielikki and proclaimed that Nanathlor was the new Green Regent, the symbolic ruler of Delimbiyr Vale. Nanathlor and his comrades was asked to rid the vale from the rule of the Renshas.

In what became known as the War of the Returned Regent, Nanathlor and his followers waged war against Pasuuk Rensha and his diabolical allies until their defeat two winters later at the Battle of Tanglefork. Nanathlor then assumed rulership of Loudwater, leading the vale into a new age of prosperity.[4]

As of 1358 DR, Nanathlor had become a careful, just and loved administrator as well as a widely respected warrior. He was a friend of the Harpers and was weary of the Zhentarim in the east.[1]



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