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Nanathlor Greysword was a fighter of Nimbral who became the High Lord of Loudwater in the Delimbiyr Vale, reigning for much of the 14th century DR.[3][4][5][6][7][1] He was also, for a time, the Green Regent, the chosen of Mielikki and guardian of the Delimbiyr Vale, being titled the Green Regent Returned.[1]


Nanathlor Greysword was the son of a displaced noble[1] of the island realm of Nimbral in the Trackless Sea, far to the south. But in his youth,[3][4][5][6] he gave up his title and privileges[5] and left his home circa 1307 DR with a desire to establish a realm of his own in the North. Instead, he would find one that needed him.[3][4][5][6]

In the Year of Spilled Blood, 1315 DR, he was the newest member of a band of talented mercenary hunters hired by Pasuuk Rensha, the lord of Delimbiyr Vale, to obtain a unicorn's horn. They hunted high and low for weeks, tracked it down, and finally tricked it into teleporting into a trap they'd set at a treacherous bend in the river known as Unicorn Run. Ordered by the company's captain, Nanathlor stepped forth and raised his sword to slay the unicorn—and hesitated, his heart breaking as he gazed into its eyes. Instead, Nanathlor turned back to his comrades, with sword still raised, and vowed he would not kill such a magnificent beast and that he would defend it against all that would despoil it. Twelve hunters joined him, and together they mutinied against their captain. Afterward, markings crawled over Nanathlor's body and his fellows received a symbol on their foreheads, and the unicorn revealed itself to be the avatar of the goddess Mielikki. For their courage, she'd made Nanathlor the new Green Regent, the symbolic ruler of Delimbiyr Vale, and those who stood with him the Scions of the Green Regent, the first in over a century and a half. Furthermore, she asked Nanathlor and his comrades to liberate the Delimbiyr Vale from the rule of the Renshas.[1]

In what became known as the War of the Returned Regent, Nanathlor and his followers waged war against Pasuuk Rensha and his diabolical allies.[1][8][9] But Nanathlor found allies of his own. It was a little-known fact that Beyvan Keth, Red Wizard of Thay and master of the Ivy Enclave went against a treaty made with the Renshas to give support to Nanathlor, though his reasons for this remained his own.[10] Their victory came two years later at the Battle of Tanglefork. Here, Nanathlor called on Mielikki for aid, and she awakened the trees around the battlefield and set them to attack Pasuuk's forces. Ultimately, Mielikki's servants were victorious and the devils and Pasuuk were all killed in the fighting.[1]

With the fall of the Renshas and the end of the War of the Returned Regent, Nanathlor assumed rulership of Loudwater in the Year of the Wandering Wyrm, 1317 DR.[1][8][9] He maintained relations with other lands but ended the Renshas' rampant logging and strip-mining, thus restoring the ecology and fertility of the land and in turn leading the vale into a new age of prosperity.[1] Notably, he chose not to end the treaty with the Red Wizards of the Ivy Enclave, believing their trade was worth more than the risks from distant Thay. However, he did forbid them owning any slaves, to which they agreed.[10]

In Tarsakh of the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, residents of farm holdings on the outer edges of Loudwater's domain heard eerie howling and discovered corpses near their lands, identified as various wicked beings, including two drow and some fish-like humanoid, all with bite marks. Nanathlor was notified and he formally reported the finds.[11]

Nanathlor finally died, not in battle but of old age, with him lying on his deathbed during the Night of the Blood Moon in the autumn of the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, when Malarite lycanthropes ravaged Loudwater.[2][note 1] He was succeeded as High Lord of Loudwater by Kalahar Twohands, also a former Green Regent.[1]


By the mid-1360s DR, Nanathlor had a gray beard and long flowing gray hair. He wore a bastard sword sheathed on a baldric on his back. Both of these made him quite recognizable around Loudwater.[6][7]


As High Lord of Loudwater, Nanathlor was a fair and careful administrator. He was loved by the people and respected far and wide for his prowess as a warrior.[6][7] He was served by the two Gauntlets who commanded the city's militia, Harazos Thelbrimm and Kalahar Twohands.[3][4][6][5][7]

He was a friend of the Harpers, who came to Loudwater to disrupt or kill the Zhentarim agents that spied on Loudwater. Both Nanathlor and the Harpers were wary of the Zhents based in neighboring Llorkh and Orlbar.[6][7]



  1. It is unclear when exactly Nanathlor died, only that he was on his deathbed at this time. What involvement he had, if any, in the battle is unknown.


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