Naneatha Suaril was a human cleric of Selûne and the Priestess of High Moonlight of the House of the Moon temple in the Sea Ward of the city of Waterdeep in the mid–14th century DR.[2][3][1]


Naneatha Suaril was high priestess of the House of the Moon by 1357 DR.[2][3]

Naneatha provided counseling and friendship to Lord Ultas Maernos, who had fallen into a deep depression after the deaths of his family in the Year of the Saddle, 1345 DR, and for atrocities committed as a mercenary earlier in his life. She brought him out of his grief and he found forgiveness in faith, converting to Selûne and becoming a generous patron of Waterdeep's temples by 1357 DR.[5][6]

The Time of TroublesEdit

House of the Moon - entrance

Naneatha and her guards stand by as the goddess is welcomed.

During the Time of Troubles of the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, a purported avatar of Selûne arrived in Waterdeep and summoned the faithful to the House of the Moon. As high priestess, Naneatha was there to welcome her, and stood behind her as she promised her grace and protection. She also stood by as the avatar ordered the capture of the disbeliever Luna, who was in fact the true avatar of Selûne. The false avatar claimed the Wand of the Four Moons and used it to knock out Luna. The temple guards took Luna prisoner.[7] Her true identity unknown, Luna was kept as a "special guest"—prisoner—at the House of the Moon for a dozen days. The false Selûne had her completely under her control.[8]

It will be worth it have saved my goddess after you tricked me into betraying her!
— Naneatha, in defiance of Shar's threat to kill her.[9]

In time, however, Luna's friends Onyx and Timoth infiltrated the temple looking for her. Alerted by the priest Uton, Naneatha confronted the pair, but didn't believe they were friends of Selûne, instead accusing them of being agents of Shar, goddess of darkness and enemy of Selûne. Turning her back on them, she left them to be attacked by a pair of hell hounds. Naneatha later shared her concerns with the false Selûne; they were overheard by the escaped Onyx and Timoth, but not before they were ambushed by Lunatics, the zealot defenders of the temple.[9]

Meteor swarm 1

Naneatha becomes the target of Shar's wrath.

Witnessing the battle outside the temple between Onyx and Timoth, who were joined by Vajra and Kyriani, against the Lunatics and their new leader—a brainwashed Luna—Naneatha began to question the false Selûne, who soon revealed her murderous intent. Learning that Luna was truly Selûne and that the false avatar was in fact Shar, Naneatha defiantly shoved her off the temple balcony, falling over herself. However, both were saved by Shar's featherfall spell. Shar took out her rage on Naneatha, hurling a meteor swarm; Naneatha somehow diverted the spell, but not before both were knocked unconscious. Her near self-sacrifice bought time for Luna and her friends to escape.[10] Later that night, Luna transformed fully into an avatar of Selûne, and famously battled Shar over the streets of Waterdeep, her light blasting away Shar's darkness.[11][12][13][9]


Afterward, Naneatha felt guilty for falling for Shar's ploy. She led multiple crusades against the church of Shar because of it.[1]

In the aftermath of the Time of Troubles, the clergy grew in strength. To atone for being tricked by Shar, Naneatha launched a crusade against Shar's followers[1] and had driven them out of the city by 1372 DR.[14] Together with Meleghost Starseer and Xale of the Starry Glen, Naneatha established the Order of the Blue Moon, dedicated to both Selûne and Mystra and continued to firmly support it.[1][15]


Naneatha was charismatic and very careful to act. She was proud and known to be more than a match for the haughtiest of the Waterdhavian nobility. She had a flawless sense of fashion and was famed for her expensive, finely made dresses adorned with jewels.[1]

She was also a devoted enemy of Shar and her faith.[1] While this was a common trait among silverstars,[16] being duped by Shar herself made Suaril's enmity personal edge. She could not forgive herself being tricked.[1]


The House of the Moon was known to have the most grandiose ceremonial vestments of Selûne's church. Naneatha Suaril presided over ceremonies in a majestic golden-hued dress with a wide-bottomed hooped skirt and a great fan-like collar ascending from the back of her neck, both stiffened with whalebone. The skirt was set with clusters of pearls and the collar with precious stones.[17][18]


As the high priestess, in the annual temple holiday of Selûne's Hallowing, Naneatha Suaril bore the sacred replica Wand of Four Moons—created and blessed by Selûne to commemorate her battle with Shar during the Time of Troubles and kept in the temple by 1369 DR—at the head of the parade.[11][19]

As mentioned above, she led multiple crusades against Sharrans and fittingly most of the senior priests under her learned to become silverstars,[1] a type of cleric who was, even by Selûnite standards, inflexible in their enmity to Shar.[16]


Naneatha Suaril was a daughter of a minor noble family of Neverwinter. Her younger sister was Lady Wylynd Moonstar.[1][15][note 1]

Meleghost Starseer of the House of Wonder had a formal, even cold relationship with Naneatha, though they worked together in established the Order of the Blue Moon.[15]


It was claimed by some that Naneatha could, with a plea to the goddess, summon the real Wand of Four Moons in place of the replica and wield it with its full power.[11]



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