Nanoc, also known as Nanoc the Barbarian, was a novice adventurer and warrior.[1]


The barbarian was proud and arrogant.[1]

He prided himself on being raised in the North, and stated that he was immune to the pathetic civilized way of men.[1]


The adventurer owned a standard set of hide armor and a greatsword.[1]


Nanoc first lived in the harsh lands of northwest Faerûn.

With steel in hand, I walk amongst unknown dangers. Always I am victori...
— Nanoc the Barbarian[1]

He met his fellow adventurers, Bondari and Tim Goldenhand in a tavern. The group foolishly decided to enter a cavern to the Underdark, and they encountered the mad wizard Iycanth's creations. The creatures quickly petrified the trio, turning them to stone.[1]

After he was saved by Gorion's Ward, he may have decided to take a task to acquire a gauth's eye stalk with his companions. Either way, he boasted to the ward, and was eventually cut off from the conversation.[1]



  • "Nanoc" is Conan spelled backwards. This is a reference to Conan the Barbarian, a well-known fictional character that featured in some AD&D adventure modules.



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