The Nantarn Council was the council of twelve formed to govern the underwater city of Myth Nantar. As of 1369 DR, there were only nine members, but this left three unoccupied seats.[1]

Seats in 1369 DREdit

Locathah Seat 
Roaoum, subchief of the Tiger Coral tribe
Merfolk Seat 
Princess Arina, seventh in line for the merfolk monarch's throne
Morkoth (Qatoris) Seat 
Vualdia, lorekeeper of the Maalim Order
Sea Elf Seat 
Morgan Ildacer, captain of the High Mages' guard of Sylkiir
Shalarin Seat 
Ri'ola'con, eadar of As'arem
Triton Seat 
Nalos of Pumanath, centurion of the sixth squad of Abydos
High Mage's Seat 
Pharom Ildacer, elder surviving High Mage and cousin of Morgan Ildacer
Kupavi Dukar Seat 
Jorunhast, the exiled Royal Mage of Cormyr and senior Kupavi lorekeeper
Maalimi Dukar Seat 
Tu'ola'sara, a Wanderers' Caste shalarin lorekeeper from Ys'bhol and trained in Myth Nantar
Numosi Dukar Seat 
Tagar Lusos, a sea elf peacekeeper from Lyrathil
Jhimari Dukar Seat 
Empty due to lack of any Jhimari students or teachers
The Gods' Seat 
Empty for the symbolism that all the sea gods watch the council and are welcome to seat themselves


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