Nar Kerymhoarth (the Sleeping Citadel) was an underground fortress known by most as the Nameless Dungeon.[1]


The Eaerlann knew its true name but refused to speak it.[1] It was located below a stone bluff in the High Forest near to Elven Port[2] and at its entrance was a nearly impenetrable magically protected stone door.[3] It was linked to Elven Port and Mhiilamniir by the Old Road.[2] The site was guarded against intrusion by elven patrols, who wear a diamond-shaped brooch.[1][4]


In Alturiak, 1369 DR, the Scoured Legion of Hellgate Keep and a powerful band of nagas, yuan-ti and other serpents both invaded the site, driving off the garrison. The latter group arrived through a portal. They were in competition for control.[5]

On 16 Alturiak, 1374 DR, Sarya Dlardrageth used the complete Gatekeeper's Crystal to utterly dispel all of the magical protection and gained access. This freed the fey'ri imprisoned within for the past five thousand years, who numbered almost two thousand.[6]




2nd Edition D&D

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