Nar Demonbinder is a special prestige class on Faerûn. Master of the black art of demon summoning, keeping alive the old, sinister traditions of the Empire of Narfell. Though it was thousands of years ago that the empire grew mighty on the strength of unholy wizards and cruel priest-lords, this conjuring of demons contributed to its eventual downfall. Secrets of the ancient Nar lore still draw unscrupulous spellcasters who plunder the buried vaults of the long-vanished land in search of knowledge and power.[citation needed]

Demonbinders are most often clerics, sorcerers or wizards. Only these classes retain the spells necessary to call up and command fiendish creatures, as a fair amount of skill with magic is demanded simply to qualify. They are also required to speak Abyssal.[1]

Nar Demonbinder Abilities

Fiendish Familiar
Nar demonbinders can call forth a fiendish familiar, manifesting as either an imp or a quasit.[1]
Inimical Casting
Knowing how to employ spells that deflect the attacks of outsiders, demonbinders are able to change the effects of some spells.[2]
Baleful Energy
When the Nar demonbinder casts a spell that deals damage, half of the damage inflicted is derived directly from infernal power.[2]


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