Naralis Analor (sometimes seen as Naris Analor) was a lesser member of the Seldarine and took the role of the elvish god of suffering, healing, and death. Unlike other gods with death in their portfolio, Naralis was caring and benevolent which made him a popular deity among those who risked death.[4][5]


Naralis appeared as a male elf about 6 ft (1.8 m) tall with blue-gray eyes and silver hair. He usually wore robe of white and gray with silver trim, sometimes with a design.[5]


He was immune to psionics, all harmful or evil necromantic spells, and any spell that caused death.[5]


Naralis wore an iron ring set with a black jewel on his left hand. With this ring he could cast harm once every minute. On his right hand he wore a mithril ring set with a clear jewel that glowed. With this ring he could cast heal once every minute. In battle, he carried a longsword +4 that had a special draining ability against evil beings that had acted without reason or provocation to harm a good or neutral elf within the past year.[5]


As a god of death, Naralis escorted the souls of the departed to the afterlife.[4] His name was usually invoked by adventurers asking for death to pass them by. Elves at death's door could ask Naralis for healing, but Naralis rarely granted such requests and only once in an individual's lifetime.[5]


Naralis Analor served Sehanine Moonbow, taking newly deceased souls from her care and guiding them to their eternal reward.[4] He often consulted with Labelas Enoreth over matters concerning health, healing, and longevity.[5] Outside of the Seldarine, Naralis was allied with Ilmater and Kelemvor, and he opposed Loviatar and Null.[4]


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