Nartheling was a gargantuan fang dragon living in Aglarond in 1373 DR.[1]


Nartheling laired in Umbergoth, near the border between Aglarond and Thay, served by many lesser monsters like griffins, asperii, and other winged beasts. He also had a retinue of beholders and wyverns.[1]


In 1372 DR, Nartheling was courted by the Cult of the Dragon necromancer Winn Kardzen to become a dracolich but his designated phylactery, a horn of the fallen Shargrailar, became lost in the Yuirwood.[2]

During the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR, Nartheling started to attack and kill the beholders on sight. His servant Lestch'cymatium called many more beholders to help and nearly started a full-scale war, alarming the populations of both Aglarond and and Thay. After the Rage, Nartheling ceased hostilities immediately and Lestch'cymatium returned to his service. Afterward, Nartheling found a series of portals in the caves of Umbergoth and started to explore them.[1]


Nartheling was a formidable foe. He had a very massive body but was also a cunning spellcaster. He was an expert in protection spells, owing to his paranoia of being surrounded by enemies.[1]


Nartheling was served by the beholder mage Lestch'cymatium but after the Rage their relationship was a fragile one.[1]



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