Narwhals, sometimes known as unicorns of the ocean, were marine mammals known for their long horns.[1] Although they favored cold waters,[1] they could be found in a variety of oceans, such as the Sea of Fallen Stars.[2][3][4]


Grown narwhals were large creatures, their bodies measuring somewhere between 20 and 40 feet in length, and with horns between 6 and 12 feet long.[1] Their horns were sought after as a source of ivory.[5][6] Narwhal horns were capable of containing great amounts of magic, meaning they could be crafted into powerful magic items such as the staff of the magi or rod of lordly might.[7]


Narwhals were peaceful animals, but would defend themselves using their great horns if threatened or attacked. Communities of sea elves and dolphins occasionally kept narwhals as pets.[1] In the Sea of Fallen Stars, narwhals were often employed as beasts of burden, owing to their strength and docile nature.[8]


They were most often spotted in groups of between one and six individuals.[1]




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