Narzugon, also known as Hell Knights,[2] were powerful baatezu found in the Nine Hells.[4]


A narzugon looked like a regular humanoid male but wearing plate mail covered in spikes. Their eyes held immense sadness in them.[3]


The dominating personality of a narzugon was anger. They despised everything—their masters, themselves, mortals, and their own immortality.[2] Despite this, Narzugon were the most reliable soldiers in the Nine Hells and were often trusted by their masters to be sent to the Prime Material Plane on unholy missions. Unlike other fiends, narzugon held a sense of honor and duty, preferring action and bravery over plotting and scheming. It was not unusual for a narzugon to allow its opponent a chance to surrender or retrieve their weapon if disarmed.[1][3][5]


The favored weapon of narzugon were their terrible lances, called hellfire lances. These lances were forged in hellfire and the soul of any creature slain with it was transported to the Styx and reborn as a lemure.[1]

Narzugon had the ability to summon a nightmare. They rode their nightmare companions into battle and obeyed the commands of their master. They were bound to their narzugon by infernal tack. They employed cavalry tactics when in battle on their mounts. Narzugon were cautious and would retreat if there was a significant risk to themselves or their mount.[1][3] While the nightmare was a narzugon's mount of choice, other creatures were also used. In Cania, mammoths were often used, and in Avernus, narzugon mounted aerial patrols using wyverns.[2]

Another tactic was removing its helmet. Any creature who saw an unmasked narzugon would see their worst fear in its eyes. If they held their gaze too long, their fears were manifested as a hallucination that eventually blocked out reality. It was similar to a phantasmal killer spell.[6]


Narzugon had several innate spells they could cast. Once a day, they could cast order's wrath and unholy blight. At will, they could cast desecrate, doom, hold person, produce flame, and suggestion. Additionally, once per day they could attempt to summon other baatezu such as an erinyes or another narzugon.[6]


Narzugon were the elite cavalry and considered champions in the armies of the archdukes of the Nine Hells. They led legions of devils into battle. Most narzugon were in the service of Asmodeus. Asmodeus valued his narzugon soldiers so much that he did everything in his power to prevent other archdukes from recruiting them.[5]


Narzugon were found in all layers of the Nine Hells.[5]


Narzugon were former paladins who in life either made an infernal deal with a powerful devil or were deceived into betraying their deity or order, often by Asmodeus himself.[1][2]






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