Lord Nasaqh was the lord of the Nasaqh Estates on Mount Sar north of Waterdeep on the Sword Coast North in the 14th century DR.[1][2] [note 1]


Lord Nasaqh was the fourth generation of Nasaqhs to rule the valley encompassed by the Nasaqh Estates.[1]

The neighboring lands were held by the Agrivars.[1] The wizard Ostus Agrivar and his paladin son Priam performed many services for Lord Nasaqh, for which he was quite grateful.[3] When King Nasaqh's barons — whom Ostus described as "greedy" — revolted against his rule, Priam Agrivar took service with him. The rebellion was finally quelled in the Year of the Dragon, 1352 DR, Priam's services were no longer required, and the knight returned to his father's house.[2]

Following Ostus's death in 1352 DR,[2] Nasaqh held the Agrivar lands in trust while Priam adventured in search of his father's killer and otherwise fighting evil. Some six years later, Nasaqh likely hoped for Priam to return to the family seat someday. He was still holding the lands for Priam by 1372 DR.[1][3]

Already described as "old" in 1352 DR,[2] Nasaqh was aging by 1372 DR, but had no heir. He was expected to be the last of the Nasaqh lords.[1]



  1. Nasaqh was originally referred to as "old King Nasaqh", and in charge of barons, in "The Gathering", but had been reduced to a lord of a valley in Dragon magazine 247 and the Environs of Waterdeep. This may simply be a retcon to fit the old comics lore to the Realms setting, a sense of irony on Ostus Agrivar's part, or may indicate a reduction in status for King Nasaqh.


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