The Nasaqh Estates were a plot of land ruled by Lord Nasaqh and his ancestors. They lay between Mount Helimbrar and Mount Sar, east of the High Road out of Waterdeep along the Sword Coast North.[1]


By 1372 DR, the Nasaqh Estates had been ruled by four generations of Nasaqhs.[1]

The neighboring lands were held by the Agrivars.[1] When King Nasaqh's barons — whom Ostus Agrivar described as "greedy" — revolted against his rule, Priam Agrivar took service with him. The rebellion was finally quelled in the Year of the Dragon, 1352 DR.[2]

Following Ostus's death in 1352 DR, Nasaqh held the Agrivar lands in trust while Priam adventured in search of his father's killer and otherwise fighting evil. Some six years later, Nasaqh likely hoped for Priam to return to the family seat someday. He was still holding the lands for Priam by 1372 DR.[3][1]



Ostus's Hold, held in trust on the Nasaqh Estates.

The Nasaqh Estates overlaid a valley between Mount Sar and Mount Helimbrar, primarily belonging to Mount Sar. The Nasaqhs ruled from a fort upon the estate.

The neighboring Agrivar estate, held in trust by Lord Nasaqh, was included within the Nasaqh Estates. They comprised old woodlands and over 100 acres of fertile fields. The Agrivar house, named Ostus's Hold, was a large stone manor built atop a rise.[3][1]


The Nasaqh Estates were best known for producing seawine, a powerful liqueur popular in Waterdeep among wealthy merchants.[1]


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