Nasim yn Feroz el Pesarkhal, known as the "Dark Caleph", was the younger brother of Syl-Pasha Ralan el Pesarkhal and the leader of el Pesarkhal clan in Memnon. In this position, he directly controlled the black marketeers, and began buying and selling with sources in the Underdark, which boosted earnings for the family by 50% over only a few years. He also controlled the enforcers and thugs in the city.

Nasim was raised by his older brother like a son, and the two of them together were responsible indirectly for the assassinations of more than one hundred people during the syl-pasha's rise to power in the late 1360s DR.

Nasim's half-elven wife, Nureh, was the spymaster of el Pesarkhal family.[1]


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