The nay of the djinn was a magical musical instrument created by skilled djinn craftsmen to honor the chieftain of the jann of the High Desert on his ascension day.[1]

Since each new jann chieftain received a full set of magical instruments known collectively as the instruments of the jann, there were multiple nays of the djinn scattered throughout Zakhara.[1]


In many ways this instrument was just like any other nay. However, it was constructed of gold harvested from a special plant called a golden wand whose reeds were metallic. These plants were only found within the mountainous region of the dangerous Land of the Yak-Men. Many djinn sacrificed their lives in order to obtain this rare material for the nay.[1]


Anyone playing the nay of the djinn replicated the effects of the enthrall spell to anyone who listened so long as they kept playing the instrument. Bards or rawunin could use this power twice per day, but all others could only activate this magic once per day.[1]

Additionally, bards and rawunin could use the nay to "whistle up the wind", summoning a strong air elemental to do their bidding as long as the music of the nay was played. The elemental returned to their home plane the moment the music stopped or was interrupted in any way. This power could be used once per week.[1]



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