Nayeli Goldflower was a human paladin who served as advisor to Duke Maldwyn of Daggerford in the late 15th century DR.[1]


A stern-looking woman, Nayeli had brown eyes, dark skin, and spiky hair. She had several ear piercings, and facial tattoos on both cheeks.[1]


Nayeli's combat gear consisted of a suit of chain mail worn over a red tunic, with plate gauntlets protecting her hands. She wielded a Tyr-blessed greatsword in combat, and carried with her a green owl figurine.[1]


Nayeli served as both guardian and advisor to Duke Maldwyn of Daggerford, until his untimely demise after being possessed by the devil, Baazka.[2] Following the death of her master, Nayeli wandered Toril seeking to destroy infernal beings and their allies.[1]



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