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King Nearel of the House of Ithal-Strohm-Bormul[1] was the second king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.[1][2]


Nearel was the seventeenth son and 32nd child of King Mhoaran the Tusk-Bearded, the first ruler of the dynasty.[2]

Nearel had at least two sons.[2]


The man who would become King Nearel was born in the Year of the Empty Hourglass, 951 DR.[2] Because the nobles of the land were trying to restore power to the Bormul Dynasty, Nearel was hidden at birth and raised in a fishing village on the Dragon Neck Peninsula.[1]

When Nearel was fourteen years of age, his father, the king, came to visit him. On the voyage, assassins tried to kill Mhoaran but failed. When Mhoaran and Nearel were reunited, the young man used a magical horn to summon a pack of sea cats, who slaughtered the pursuing assassins. After this incident, the "sea lion" was made a part of the royal seal and coat of arms of Tethyr.[1]

Nearel took the throne about nine years later in 974 DR, upon his father's death. Much of his reign was spent tracking down and executing surviving members of the Bormul dynasty. Nearel himself killed King Teremir's oldest son by 981 DR. By 991 DR, Teremir's second son and family were also dead, leaving only Teremir's daughters and her descendants to challenge the throne.[1]

Nearel died six years later, in 997 DR, and was succeeded by his second son, Kortal, who would be the one to kill off the rest of King Teremir's family.[2]