Neekar was a unique intelligent broadsword that could communicate in any language native to the Prime Material plane.[1]


This steel broadsword had a rather plain, silver pommel and was sheathed in an ivory scabbard. It was created to be as inconspicuous as possible, giving only a faint aura of divination.[1]

The sword's personality had a particular pride in its ability to aid its wielder during negotiations and parleys.[1]


While the blade possessed no magical enchantment, it was capable of communication, speech, and could read non-magical writing. Its main power laid in its ability to speak any language that was native to the Prime plane, including ancient tongues and local dialects across Toril. While it could visually perceive in all directions and listen to all sounds within 60' (18.3 m), it possessed no telepathic abilities.[1]


While the sword was unique, it was known that the spell tongues was used in its creation.[1]


This special sword first appeared in the treasury of a noble family of Waterdeep in the 13th century DR. At some point, Neekar was lost to rival nobility in a duel, who after a generation fell on hard times and wound up selling the blade. It was since used on the behalf of a number of individuals during diplomatic endeavors.[1]



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