"Casting wild magic is like playing a flute by ear...when I miss a note, the flute shoots fire at everyone. Also the flue sometimes turns me into a hamster."

Neera was a half-elf wild mage that traveled across west Faerûn during the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]


Neera previously had light blonde hair, but it was changed pink as a result of a wild surge. At one point it was even lavender in color.[1][3]


Most of the time Neera was quite upbeat and whimsical, though like her magical powers, her mood was not always predictable. On a deeper level she was troubled by events in her past.[4]

Neera had the habit of making nicknames for people that were often not well received.[1]


As a wild mage, Neera was a powerful and at times dangerous spellcaster whose magic often had unforeseeable results. Her instructors believed it was a flaw in her character that caused her wild surges.[1] She was particularly skilled at casting evocation spells.[3]


Neera had few possessions, but did own a unique quarterstaff that she won from a classmate Pollae.[1][3]


While she was living in the High Forest, Neera's best friend was an irreverent tressym named Ettin.[3]


Early LifeEdit

Needs was born and grew up in the community Highbough within the High Forest. She trained in magic with the other elves of her village and learned about her unpredictable powers at a young age. On one occasion, she conjured a sphere of fire that burnt another student when she tried to merely form an illusion of fire in the likeness of her gnome classmate Binster. Terrified of her own powers, she fled Highbough and went to live in the region of Turlang's Wood.[1][3]

She stayed in the woods for some time but regularly became involved with the wrong sorts of people. In autumn of one year, she and her friend Ettin encountered a band of orcs trudging through the forest. To defend herself, Neera cast a number of fire spells of increasing power. The treant Turlang intervened and exiled her from the High Forest for good.[3] She wandered the surrounding lands for some time but was ill-suited for a life on the road.[1]

At some point she stole 200 gold pieces from a halfling man named Meklin while he slept. To get away from him she threw a pot over his head and beat it with a spoon.[1]

On the RunEdit

Some time around the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, a team of Red Wizards guided by the invoker Ekandor began to chase after Neera. They sought to experiment on wild mages in order to understand how they could wield the "power of arcane chaos". She fled from them for months, eventually reaching the town of Beregost.[1]

After evading the Red Wizards, Neera sought out a fellow wild mage by the name of Adoy. She believed he could help her with the erratic effects caused by her magic. She found him at his hidden enclave east of the Firewine Bridge, but was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Ekandor and his allies. After the group of Red Wizards was bested, Adoy cast a conjuration spell and disappeared in a sudden wild surge.[1]

Some time later Adoy was captured by Red Wizards from the Order of Eight Staves. However while in the Fugue Plane, he was able to communicate only with Neera by some form of telepathy. Having his voice in her head became too much for the young wild mage, and she sought out the ingredients for a potion that could sever their link and give her piece of mind. During her search Neera herself came to be trapped in the settlement of Bridgefort while it was besieged by the Shining Crusade.[4]

Forming a CommunityEdit

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR Neera founded the hidden refuge, a commune that Sheltered wild mages from the clutches of the Order of Eight Staves. It was hidden within the Forest of Tethir, in an area just beyond an area of wild magic. At some point, Neera traveled to the city of Athkatla to rescue the young wild mage Mereth.[2]




Behind the ScenesEdit

Neera was voiced by Nicola Elbro.

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