Neheedra Duskryn was a medusa ally of Ogremoch's Bane in Blingdenstone during the Rage of Demons[as of when?].[1]


As a drow, she was full of greed and vanity, obsessed by spell gems for their power and beauty. She dreamed of one day ruling a drow settlement as queen and hoped Blingdenstone was the perfect location.[1]


Neheedra was part of a contingent of House Duskryn that remained in Blingdenstone after the drow attack on the city in 1371 DR.[2] She wanted to collect as many spell gems as possible. Soon Neheedra engaged in dark rituals designed to secure her hold on power, but the magical pacts she made transformed her into a medusa. Enraged by her fate, Neheedra turned her servants to stone and descended into madness.

She wandered the ruins, petrifying any creature she encountered, until met the Ogremoch's Bane. She somehow made an alliance with it and from then on they worked in concert.[1]

During the Rage of Demons, she was killed by a party of adventurers who had been hired by some deep gnome factions after escaping from drow slavers of Velkynvelve.[3]




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