Nelorth "Firefists" Sheirtalar, also known as Nelorth the Luckless was an idealistic young mage of Sheirtalar, Lapaliiya, who served as the Magister during the mid–3rd century DR. He had a brief tenure as the champion of Mystra that ended in the Year of the Hunting Horn, 242 DR.[1]


Nelorth was an energetic young man, exceptionally so for the title of Magister, who constantly dreamed about improving the societal and power structures that surrounded the practitioners of the Art in Faerûn. He constantly came up with ideas of how to increase the importance of mages across the various Realms.[1]


The naive young mage ascended to the post of Magister in the Year of the Hippogriff's Folly, 241 DR, having been offered the role by Azuth. But Nelorth had the unfortunate fate of succeeding two immensely powerful Magisters, Malanthus Stormstaern and Dorgon Heamiiolothtar, known among mage-circles as the "Feeble Giants". They possessed so much personal magical prowess that no mages sought to challenge them, and the title of Magister had gone uncontested for nearly a century. Hence, Nelorth was viewed as an inferior successor, and was nearly immediately challenged by rival mages. He defeated two of them.[1]

During his short tenure, Nelorth managed to hide away some powerful spellbooks and Netherese magical items he had come into possession of. He believed these items to be too powerful for any mage to wield, but too useful to destroy outright. It was believed he stashed these in an invisible floating magical sphere larger than a manor house dubbed "the Sphere of Spells", but both its location and the means of accessing it were lost to future generations.[1]

Merely a year after he assumed the title of Magister, Nelorth was defeated and killed by his third challenger, the arrogant battle-mage Weldrarn Orblin.[1]



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