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Nentyar hunters were the protectors of the wild lands in the Unapproachable East. They served the Nentyarch and the Circle of Leth with both weapons and magic;[2] their training formed resourceful and self-reliant defenders of the wild.[1]

Most hunters were druids and rangers, with some fighters or rogues, but very few arcane magicians and even less druids; the Nentyar hunters were sworn to serve the latter.[1]


In 1372 DR, Nentyar hunters were part of the organization of the Great Dale, carrying messages around the clanholds.[3] Nentyar rangers also served sometimes as arbiters between clans.[4] They also guarded Narfell ruins from potential troublemakers.[5]


Nentyar hunters' abilities centered primarily on tracking and overland speed. All Nentyar hunters were capable of moving through any sort of nonmagical brush no matter how thick without breaking their stride, or even breaking a sweat. They soon learned how to track while moving at normal speed, and then how to increase their normal speed. Close to the pinnacle of their abilities, Nentyar hunters developed far sharper eyes, and at the full pinnacle of their abilities, they gained a supernatural immunity to fear.[1]

Perhaps more important was their ability to call upon divine magic; a Nentyar hunter followed a drastically accellerated progression through the Mysteries, being able to use spells mainly drawn from those of druids, with a small amount of arcane spells that they learned to cast as divine ones: they could cast both force orb and green fire. At the pinnacle of their progression, a Nentyar hunter was able to use even find the path, though it was stronger than all the other spells they could cast.[1]

Notable Nentyar Hunters[]



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