Nentyarch was an archaic title given to the rulers of the ancient empire of Narfell.[1]

The first Nentyarch, Thargaun Crell, created Dun-Tharos in the Rawlinswood in −970 DR[2] and forged the Crown of Narfell[citation needed] before uniting the various Nar realms under his rule.[2] The empire of Narfell lasted 794 years until Narfell and the neighboring empire of Raumathar destroyed each other.[3]

The last true Nentyarch was Rheligaun "the Horned", but he disappeared after the fall of the empire.[1]

In 722 DR, the leader of the druid circle of Leth claimed the title of Nentyarch when he occupied Dun-Tharos in the Rawlinswood and erected a tree-fortress around it.[4] In 1362 DR, when the Rotting Man came to the Rawlinswood,[5] it sparked a war of attrition[citation needed], ending in 1371 DR when the Nentyarch and his circle had to flee[6] the blighted forest and go south into the Forest of Lethyr.[citation needed] A year after he was forced out of the Rawlinswood, the Rotting man became trapped in Dun-Tharos after he failed to create a divine abomination. The mystical energies used in his attempt brought back many demons who infested what was thereafter called the Dunwood. They slew the blightlords, followers of the Rotting man, and eventually the Rotting Man himself died, leaving future Nentyarchs to battle the demons.[citation needed]

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