A neo-otyugh was a rare and powerful type of gulguthra.[1][3]


Neo-otyughs were a distinct species of gulguthra. However, they could fertilize the eggmass of otyughs, though the offspring would grow up to be otyughs, not neo-otyughs. When fertilizing the eggmass of neo-otyughs, the offspring would grow up to be neo-otyughs.[4] Neo-otyughs had large bodies and small mouths[1] — this made them easy to tell apart from ordinary otyughs, which had mouths that seemed to stretch across their entire bodies. Though they could not interbreed, both species were similar in appearance and behavior.[3]

These monsters could reach 3 feet (0.9 meters) tall, and 8 feet (2.4 meters) wide, or even larger. Neo-otyughs had very thick hide, two huge arms, and three stumpy legs. They also had an eye-stalk protruding from the top of their bodies. In general, neo-otyughs were fairly clever creatures, but could even become highly intelligent. As such, they had decent telepathic abilities.[3]


Neo-otyughs were very aggressive at hunting prey, and were not trusting. Thus, they often attacked intruders on sight.[1][3]

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