Neronvain was the Green Wyrmspeaker of the reformed Cult of the Dragon that attacked the Misty Forest during the late 1480s DR.[4]


Neronvain was the elven prince of the Misty Forest, son of the king Melandrach; he had a terrible relationship with his father for the cautious mood of the king. After a very fierce discussion Neronvain was exiled. After he joined the Cult of the Dragon and became the companion of the green dragon Chuth, he rose in rank. In the late 1480s DR, he was selected as the Green Dragon Wyrmspeaker; he guided a series of raids in the Misty Forest in order to gain treasures for a treasure hoard intended to summon Tiamat into the Prime Material plane. At last he was eventually defeated by a band of adventurers.[4]



The Rise of Tiamat


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