Nerras were an enigmatic people from the Plane of Mirrors.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

All nerras were humanoid in form with perfectly, mirror-like skin. Varoots and sillits were typically slender, while kalareem were somewhat larger and more bulky, and their skin appeared to form mirrored armor. Both kalareems and varoots had indistinct facial features, whereas sillits had completely smooth faces. Only sillits were known to wear clothing, typically wearing robes of fine, shiny black silk.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Nerras were enigmatic and naturally contrary creatures, constantly balancing between many different moralities and ethics. They strove to maintain a neutral outlook, but always saw themselves as naturally superior to the creatures they saw through their mirror-portals.[2]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

All nerras spoke both Common and their own language. They were resistant to fire, cold, and electricty, but were highly vulnerable to sonic energy. Varoots and sillits possessed some spell-like abilities.[2]

Nerras were capable of moving in and out of the Plane of Mirrors through mirrors and reflective surfaces at will, and could use this ability in a manner similar to the spell shadow walk. By simply touching a mirror, a nerra could vanish into the mirror-plane and emerge shortly after from another mirror that was within 1 mi (1,600 m). They could also attempt to do this with other highly reflective surfaces, although this had a chance of failure, and they could only exit through a mirror.[2]

Nerras also had a peculiar kind of spell resistance that caused any spell they successfully resisted to bounce off and return to the caster, who then became either the spell's target or the point of origin for the spell's effects as applicable. Nerras were also immune to all gaze attacks and simply reflected them back to the attacker.[2]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Although sillits were natural mages, all nerras were proficient with the special shard weapons that they made out of the substance of their homeplane. Shard weapons appeared as blades made out of shards of a broken mirror set into a shiny hilt, and were incredibly tough and razor-sharp. Shard weapons functioned similar to weapons with the wounding property. Other creatures found shard weapons difficult to handle, however, and had difficulty making proper use of them.[2]

Society[edit | edit source]

Nerras were native to the Plane of Mirrors, where they observed creatures on the Material plane through the mirrors that served as conduits to their home. Sometimes nerras would cross over into the Material plane in order to kidnap individuals and bring them back to the Plane of Mirrors. At other times, nerras would wander the planes collecting information or infiltrate some organization. They were known to monitor the activity of a wide variety of wide. Their goals, however, were a complete mystery, although some theorized that they were planning an invasion of the Material plane.[2]

Much about nerras was a mystery, but it was known that sillits were their leaders and mages, but ruled more through necessity than for the sake of power. Varoots more often worked similar to rogues, while kalareems could be called their equivalent of fighters.[2]

Later reports spoke of additional subraces, including the meeraks, whose bodies were jagged and razor-sharp; the delphars, who were master commanders; and the teltarym, who were the laborers of the nerra race.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

During a Dracorage, the dragon Nymmurh accidentally transported himself into the Plane of Mirrors. Afterwards, he became obsessed with learning more about the nerras.[3]

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