Netherese was a language spoken in Netheril both before and after Karsus's Folly in −339 DR. Though it was considered a dead language by 1372 DR,[1] scholars believed that it evolved into the Halruaan[2] and Ruathlek languages.[3]


Netherese was the primary language of Low Netheril, but it was also spoken by commoners in High Netheril.[2] (Loross, its sister language,[4] was spoken by the nobles of High Netheril.[2])

While by 1374 DR, Netherese had not been commonly spoken for thousands of years,[1] small pockets of Netherese speakers did still survive,[4] particularly among the shades and Shadovar of the Anauroch desert.[5][6]


Netherese used the Draconic script.[1][2][4][7]

History and LegacyEdit

The Netherese language was one of the oldest known human languages, dating back to two or three thousand years before the beginning of the Dalereckoning.[8] It was part of the Ulou language family, which also included Ulutiun and Damaran.[3]

The term "Netherese" was also used by scholars to refer to Netherese and those languages derived from it, namely, Halruaan and Ruathlek.[3]

While Halruaan and Ruathlek were the direct linguistic descendents of Netherese, several other common languages bore traces of the Netherese tongue, including Chondathan, Damaran, Illuskan, and Tethyrian.[4]

The ruins of Low Netheril in the Anauroch desert were covered in Netherese writing, and Netherese words were often used as "command words" for magic items.[4]


the power of discretion[9]




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