The Netherese pantheon was pantheon of deities worshiped by those of the ancient Netherese Empire.


The Netherese pantheon was composed of ten deities. After the fall of Netheril, most of the deities died, vanished, or came to be known by different names.[1]


Ten deities made up the Netherese pantheon:

  • Selûne: The Netherese goddess of the moon, stars, beauty, love, navigation, wanderers, divination, and dreams. She was believed to be the twin sister of Shar, and to have created Jannath and Mystryl.[2]
  • Shar: The goddess of the night, darkness, and secrets. With her twin sister Selûne, she was believed to have created Jannath and Mystryl.[3]
  • Jannath: The goddess of grain, agriculture, and life. Her name changed to Chauntea after the fall of Netheril.[4]
  • Mystryl: The goddess of magic, the Weave, knowledge, and creativity. Her death was part of what ultimately caused Netheril to fall.[5]
  • Amaunator: The Netherese god of the sun, law, order, and time. After Netheril's fall he vanished and was believed to have died, or possibly have turned into Lathander.[6]
  • Jergal: The Netherese god of death, murder, and strife.[7]
  • Kozah: The Netherese deity of storms and destruction.[8]
  • Moander: An evil god of rot and decay. He was known to be an enemy of Jergal.[9]
  • Targus: The Netherese god of war.[10]
  • Tyche: The goddess of fortune, luck, chance, and accidents.[11]



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