Neeshka, a neutral rogue.

The neutral alignment, sometimes known as true neutral, is without prejudice or compulsion. They either disregard any commitment to good, evil, law and chaos, or believe a balance is needed between these forces in the world.[1] [note 1]


A neutral character does what seems to be a good idea, without strong feelings with regard to good vs. evil or order vs. chaos. He thinks of good as better than evil--after all, he would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, he isn't personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way.[1]

This is the most common alignment of sentient creatures in the Forgotten Realms and the alignment of almost all animals and other creatures of very low intelligence.[2]

True NeutralityEdit

Some neutral characters commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They are of the true neutral alignment. They see good, evil, law and chaos as dangerous, extreme prejudices. They advocate balanced life, carefully maintaining neutrality in the long run.[1]

Some true neutral characters actively support balance in the world, and seek to avoid having any one side--law or chaos, good or evil--become too powerful over them or anyone else, and will work against whichever side is the most powerful. They tend to side with the underdog in any situation,[3] and they are often opportunistic in their actions. The epitome of this “militant true neutrality” are the Outlandsrilmani.[citation needed]


Nearly all druids are true neutral. This alignment is central to the philosophy of balance that druids seek. Because those which druids seek to protect-plants, animals, and the ecological health of Toril-essentially lack alignment or ethos, they feel free to use almost any means in their protection.[1][4]

The druidic order works to maintain the natural balance among the alignments. However, druids do realize that most individuals' actions--including their own--will prove significant to the cosmic balance. The druid sees the friction between alignments as the driving force in the world.[2]


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  1. In 4th edition mechanics for Dungeons & Dragons neutral is found under the umbrella of the unaligned alignment.


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