Szass Tam

Szass Tam, a neutral evil necromancer.

The neutral evil alignment was pure pragmatism without honor and without variation - survival of the ruthless. [note 1] Neutral evil characters did whatever they could get away with and were completely out for themselves. They showed no remorse for those they killed, and had no love of order or law.[1]

They held no illusion that following laws or traditions would make them better people. On the other hand, they did not seek out conflict and strife like those of the chaotic evil alignment. Yet, some villains of this alignment held up evil as an ideal and committed malevolent acts for the sake of it, often in service of evil deities or secret societies.[1]

Career criminals, particularly those who harmed others for money, such as hired killers, were the most clear example of neutral evil.[2]

Opposing alignment

Characters of neutral evil alignment were concerned with getting ahead in life and looked out only for themselves. Neutral good characters performed kind deeds without other biases or mitigating factors. These alignments were in direct opposition with one another.[1]


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  1. In 4th edition mechanics for Dungeons & Dragons neutral evil is found under the umbrella of the evil alignment.


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