Neutralize poison was a spell claimed by various schools that could detoxify one poisonous weapon, poisonous object, a venom-carrying creature, or a victim of poisoning.[1][5][6][9] The reverse of this spell was simply called poison and inflicted a possibly deadly toxin into a target creature.[5][6][9]

Effects[edit | edit source]

The caster had to successfully touch the target of this spell. For a poisonous creature, this spell neutralized the creature's current supply of venom that would normally be delivered by sting, bite, breath, scratch, spit, or other method. This lasted for the duration of the spell, after which the creature might generate new, toxic poison. The same was true for poisonous weapons and objects.[1][5][6][9]

For a victim of poisoning, this spell stopped any further harm due to a toxin, but did not restore lost health, abilities, or function that were caused by that toxin.[1][5][6][9]

If successfully cast in reverse, this spell delivered a deadly poison into the victim that was immediately incapacitating and fatal within 10 minutes, barring magical intervention.[5][6][9]

Components[edit | edit source]

Verbal and somatic components were required for all versions of this spell.[1][5][6][9] The non-reversible conjuration version also required a small amount of charcoal.[1]

To inscribe this spell on a magic scroll, divine scribes often used ink made from the talon of a behir.[11]

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