The Docks District of Neverwinter comprised the western quadrant of the city, between the Protector's Enclave and the Blacklake District,[1] and was named for being the location of the commercial docks of the city. This was one of the seedier parts of the city, the center of the smuggling trade as well as more respectable commerce.[2] Much of Neverwinter's original wealth and influence was thanks to its position as one of the few ports on the Sword Coast North.[3]


Although much of the docks were repaired by Dagult Neverember's workers, a portion of the northern section was still in ruins by 1479 DR. This place was home to criminals and the destitute, as well to a tribe of sahuagin.[4]


During the Spellplague of 1385 DR, the Docks District was hard hit by the wild magic. Chunks of land broke away and rose into the sky, forming earthmotes. The surviving residents of the district quickly adapted to their new situation, connecting the low-floating motes to the shore with ropes, chains, and bridges.[3]

The eruption of Mount Hotenow in 1451 DR, however, proved to be disastrous for the Docks. It destroyed the foundations of these bridges, and the changed currents swamped whole areas of the port with tidal waves, leaving the docks a rotting ghost town. Only a few fishers and the occasional pirate ship made port during the following years.[3]

When Dagult Neverember began to rebuilt Neverwinter years later, he made rebuilding the Docks District a top priority. He hired engineers and loggers and ordered them to shop any usable tree in the Upland Rise to be used to rebuild the docks. By 1479 DR, most of the Docks District was fully rebuilt and operational, once again the heart of commerce of the Jewel of the North.[3]

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