The Neverdeath Graveyard was a district of Neverwinter.[1]


Consisting of two wide, roughly square areas of the city, and surrounded by a wall of stone and wood, Neverdeath was the burial grounds of Neverwinter. It was named from a common blessing given over the dead. As long as the city remained in summer, it was believed that the dead would not turn into undead.[1]

The doomguides from the Eternal Order of Kelemvor were responsible for protection of this area.[1][2]


Neverdeath was struck hard by the Spellplague of 1385 DR, and after the Ruining of 1451 DR, it eventually fell into disrepair. Thayan forces under Valindra Shadowmantle seized the graveyard shortly after that, despite the best efforts of the doomguides. The Thayans began to use their necromancy spells to raise the corpses buried in Neverdeath as undead minions.[1]

People became fearful of the graveyard over time and, by 1479 DR, they preferred to cremate the dead instead of burying them in Neverdeath.[1]

In 1479 DR, the Red Wizard Tolivast hid in Neverdeath while cursing the Crown of Neverwinter.[3] While Tolivast had control over a small army of undead, he was chased down by a group of adventurers that killed him, retrieved the Crown and destroyed most of his undead minions.[4]

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