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Neverwinter: Elemental Evil is the 6th campaign expansion module for the Neverwinter massive-multiplayer role-playing game. Released in April 2015, the expansion added a new class, increased level cap, expansion of the game's profession system, a new campaign and several new adventure zones.

Over the past year, the citizens of Neverwinter have faced a menagerie of terrifying foes from Thayan Liches to the Dragon Goddess Tiamat. Now, however, the very forces of nature conspire to bring the city to its knees! Fear not, as a new hero blessed by the gods, the Oathbound Paladin, has emerged to fight the impending threat. These righteous fighters will be able embody both the healing and tanking paradigms that have made them so popular with Dungeons & Dragons players everywhere. As the heroes of Neverwinter endeavor to battle the Cults of Elemental Evil, players will experience a gripping storyline that will serve to compliment the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons tabletop adventure, Princes of the Apocalypse. With Elemental Evil will come a level cap increase from 60 to 70, complete with a new set of quests, feats, and slottable class feature powers.[2]


  • Level Cap increased to 70
  • Oathbound Paladin class
  • Profession maximum level increased to 25
  • Drowned Shore, Fiery Pit, Isle of Wind and Flames, Reclamation Rock, and Spinward Rise adventure zones
  • Elemental Evil Campaign


When Archdruid Morningdawn of the Emerald Enclave arrived in Neverwinter with word of a new threat rising in the Sword Coast, Lord Neverember took it seriously. With his permission, she erected the Tree of Elemental Balance to guard the city of Neverwinter. The Emerald Enclave reported a building pressure of earth and water in the Ebon Downs, disturbing the elemental balance in the region. While the great warrior Minsc had volunteered to investigate, Morningdawn believed more help was needed, and solicited the aid of the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge for their assistance. Deep in a cave within the Ebon Downs, Minsc and the heroes found cultists of elemental earth and water creating concentrated manifestations of elemental energy in order to form elemental nodes - two-way conduits to one the elemental planes.

After restoring the elemental balance in the city, Morningdawn asked the heroes to continue on to Pirates' Skyhold, where Zhentarim agents had noticed some suspicious individuals disguised as monks. Minsc and the heroes discovered the "monks" to be cultists of elemental air and fire, who sought to destroy Neverwinter with a devastation orb. After those agents were eliminated, the remaining members of elemental cults grew tired of the interference in their plans and attacked Neverwinter outright. Together the heroes and Minsc turned away away the elemental cultist assailants, and were subsequently tasked with routing their presence along the Sword Coast.

After the Blackdagger Bandits were defeated over a decade prior, trade increased on the High Road for some time, until a sudden tidal wave devastated the region. The disaster was swiftly followed by an invasion of aquatic monsters and cultists of Olhydra. The Harpers soon arrived to aid the Emerald Enclave at what had now become known as the Drowned Shore, where they were joined by sea elves who had been similarly impacted by the tidal wave and the cultists who followed behind. With the help of the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, they dealt a heavy blow to the Cult of the Crushing Wave, entered the water node to the Elemental Plane of Water and defeated the prophet Gar Shatterkeel,[note 1] as he attempted to sacrifice a sea elf to Olhydra.

Meanwhile, the Black Earth Mercenary Company and their leader Marlos Urnrayle had offered to help defend the reclaimed Helm's Hold following the defeat of the Prophet Rohini, even going so far as to build their own fortress nearby. Once the god Helm returned however, the mercenaries revealed themselves as the Cult of the Black Earth, fanatical devotees of Ogrémoch, and turned against the city's people. As the council holed up within Helm's Cathedral, Lord Neverember sent Neverwinter's ranger corps along with the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to secure the Watcher's Forest and reclaim Helm's Hold. The adventurers struck down the prophet Urnrayle,[note 1] and stopped him before he succeeded in unleashing a devastation orb upon the city.

Within the newly-discovered dwarven city of Gauntlgrym, the dwarves had found the task of rebuilding the city to be a daunting task that required the aid of still artisans. Just after the restoration of the Great Forge, the artisans revealed themselves as the Cult of the Eternal Flame, crazed devotees of Imix. After being driven out by the cultists, the dwarves worked with the Harpers and the Lords' Alliance, along with the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to reclaim their city. As the members of the Eternal Flame sought to once again awaken the primordial Maegera, and shut down the water pumps that kept her in slumber. Alliance members and the heroes defeated Vanifer, the tiefling leader of the cult, and forced her to flee,[note 1] swearing revenge on them all. The dwarves of Delzoun were rescued and Gauntlgrym was safe once more.

After the devastating tidal wave that turned part of the High Road into the Drowned Shore, the Order of the Gauntlet began tracking elemental cultist activity across the Sword Coast. Quite some time had passed before discovered that high above the Neverwinter Wood, followers of Yan-C-Bin called the Cult of the Howling Hatred had allied with a family of cloud giants to erect a series of floating towers known as Spinward Rise. Clerics of Shaundakul, allied with the Harpers, the Emerald Enclave, a clan of aarakocra, and the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge, led an assault on the flying enclave, and foiled their plans to create devastation orbs of their own. The groups' their encampment came under siege by a massive force of air cultists, cloud giants, and slaadi, led by the Prophet Aerisi Kalinoth - the winged elf leader of the cult. Ultimately, she and her followers were denied victory and her cult was destroyed.[note 1]



AldrukAerisi KalinothAlinda GreenwoodBaram HannikarBellan NorellBlackfeatherBooBrokar IronshodCallumCrumblechasmDassar TruebowDasharDavrin SollisDunfieldErim GallowayEvandrielFarah DahlFathomFelcrestFlora NewleafForgecallerGar ShetterkeelGlarkGrackelGravesGrogbi IronbeardHarrisHexabaalHorath PegraImbross Irri'KarrIncinerathIolasKaylissLanricLucas Shaneway IIILynnMaelstromMarlos UrnrayleMinscMiraj VizannMontroseMorgan ShivertimberMorningdawnMossy MegNora BrightonNorth WindNottinNuria PyrellisOlgi Fren'rahOkoboPirriRanolf KemppRastariRhaegosRiptide MollySatarinSeven ToesSeychellShil YargoSilvariaSimmonsSingeSkreel SwiftwingSlade the ThricedrownedTara DawnstarThannis BekeTheodosianTherl MerosskaThuluna MaahTidemasterUdo StoneskinVaniferWindshearXalliana
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aarakocraaxe beakbloodburn scorpionbulettedwarf (duergar)elemental (air, earth, fire, water)elemental archon (airearthfirewater)flamespikergaleb duhrgiant (cloud, fire)giant crabgorgonhag (greensea)hell houndkenkulacedonlizardfolkmagma bruteowlbearrendersea elfsea trollslaad
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giant strider


Berronar's capPurple PanaceaVaundyr's vine
bloodiron crystalgurglewortmithralsilver


Broken CrownCragmire KeepHelm's CathedralNimbus TowerWindcall Temple
Avia LandingCave of ElementsCrypt of AscensionCrystal FieldsEbon DownsFoulclaw WoodsGlimmerstone mineGoldseeker's FollyGreat ForgeHowling MawMushroom GardensNeverwinter WoodRaven Cliff BeachReclamation RockScoundrel's RetreatSilver Drip mineSpinward RiseThunderhead ReachTree of Elemental Balance
Drowned ShoreFiery Pit
GauntlgrymHelm's Hold (Memorial Hills, Scar Alley)Neverwinter (Pirates' SkyholdProtector's Enclave)
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Elemental planes (Air, Earth, Fire, water) • Limbo


amulet of Valindra's favorbelt of Valindra's GuardShard of Valindra's Crown
devastation orbnecklace of air breathingWheel of Elements


Company YargoCult of the Black EarthCult of the Crushing WaveCult of the Eternal FlameCult of the Howling HatredEmerald EnclaveHarpersLords' AllianceOrder of the GauntletRiders of the West WindSharptalon FlightZhentarim
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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Due to conflicts with the 5th edition adventure modules, not all plot elements of the Neverwinter video game and its expansions are considered canon. This is especially true in instances where the most plot-crucial encounters in both the adventures and expansion modules coincide with one another.

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